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  1. S

    WhatsApp Issue

    Has anybody else had the issue of leaving a voice message for a specific time only to have the time be incorrect or inconsistent? Specifically, my friend and I like to leave voice messages for exactly 1 minute and 11 seconds. We "let go" of the record button exactly when the length of the...
  2. T


  3. M

    Change Iphone X model name

    Please is it possible change iphone model name I mean in the about section please need your help
  4. V

    Unlocking iphone x

    Hello everyone, I am really new with iphones. I just bought a iphone x from a pawn shop wich is threw sprint. But i want to add it to our family plan on verizon. I called sprint and they will do nothing for me unless the previous account holders call in.. Can anyone help me please? Or point me...
  5. F

    I use WhatsApp on an iPhone X. I have chat history and media backed up on my iCloud. The total size

    I use WhatsApp on an iPhone X. I have chat history and media backed up on my iCloud. The total size of the backup is around 6 GB. I had to send in the iPhone X for repair, and I’m using a temporarily loaned iPhone 6. I restored the WhatsApp chat history from iCloud, but the iPhone 6 is a 16 GB...
  6. B

    iPhone X Bluetooth not working for one apps

    I have an iPhone X running iOS 12.1.1. The Bluetooth has stopped working on certain apps. It works fine on apps like Music and Spotify, that is, I play a song, minimise the app, and the song keeps coming through my Bose QC35 headphones. For apps like Timer+ and timer., the alarm bell will ring...
  7. cadman99

    Pairing Samsung gear S3 frontier to iPhone x

    Hello and good afternoon. I would like the assistance of some of the experts out there in trying to pair a gear s3 frontier watch to my X. I downloaded the app, see the phone and connect, however the app freezes on the phone and will not allow me to accept terms on the required page. No radio...
  8. Col.bris

    NEWDERY Battery Case Review. FOR IPHONE X,

    NEWDERY Battery Case Review. FOR IPHONE X, Owning a smartphone offers any user an enormous number of Apps and features as it is literately a small mobile computer. While most people are satisfied with using it as a phone and for social media, many however use the phones for business and or...
  9. X

    iPhone X Data Breach?

    Hello. I'm new here. Joined to specifically ask this question to seek direction from you more knowledgeable Apple lovers. For Xmas, got the iPhone X. Love it. But six months later, June, one night it just went black. Would not take a charge, would not reboot etc... Apple Store simply gave me a...
  10. Maura

    Lost iPhone X Goes on Fantastic River Journey

    It’s been a while since we had a good iPhone endurance story, so it’s great to see that 9to5 Mac has a really heartwarming one today about an iPhone X that went on a fascinating and mysterious river journey and lived to tell the tale, before being reunited with its delighted owner! The phone in...
  11. Maura

    New Renders Claim to Show 6.1-inch LCD iPhone X

    According to renders and a video published today by Steve Hemmerstoffer (OnLeaks on Twitter) and MySmartPrice, Apple’s forthcoming 6.1-inch LCD iPhone X will have a notch just like the current iPhone X, a glass back, and an edge-to-edge display without a Home button (hence the need for a notch...
  12. Maura

    Reports Emerge of Cracked iPhone X Camera Lenses

    According to a new report on 9to5 Mac, some iPhone X users are complaining online that their phones’ camera lenses are developing cracks for no obvious reason. Most of those posting about the issue are saying that they have not dropped their phone or done anything to cause the cracks. Some are...
  13. Maura

    New Custom Caviar iPhone X With Solar Panel Costs $4,500

    If you’ve been thinking about buying an iPhone X and find yourself having the odd $4,500 to spare, then why not treat yourself to Russian accessory maker Caviar’s newest custom iPhone X, the ‘Tesla.’ According to 9to5 Mac, the phone features an integrated solar panel and secondary battery, along...
  14. Maura

    Apple’s iPhone X Was the Most Popular Smartphone in the World for the Second Quarter Running

    MacRumors reports that according to new figures from research company Strategy Analytics, the iPhone X was the most popular smartphone in the world for the second consecutive quarter. Strategy Analytics’ figures estimate that iPhone X shipments were 16 million units in the first 3 months of...
  15. H

    File Manager for iPhone on iOS 11.3?

    Hello friends, I would like to know if there is any File manager app available for access iOS 11.3 system files on iPhone X? My model is 64GB and it is unlocked version. I found few file managers like these: iFile for iOS 11.3: Download Best File Manager for iPhone without Jailbreak -...
  16. Maura

    New Survey Finds iPhone X Owners Love Everything About Their Phones Except Siri

    Forbes reports today on a new survey from Tech.pinions that polled early iPhone X adopters with the aim of finding out what features they like best and least about their new iPhone, and also how satisfied they are overall with the phone. For the most part, the survey has very good news for...
  17. Col.bris

    iPhone X camera goes out of focus and locks screen

    My iPhone X has developed an issue that when I go to take a photo the camera goes out of focus and freezes. Just wanted to see if any members have experienced this problem. Every thing else is perfect. Yes I have done a hard reset no I have not wiped the ph and reinstalled the iOS. The...
  18. Maura

    iPhone X Accounted For 35% of Total Smartphone Profits in Q4 2017

    According to a new report from CNBC, via 9to5 Mac, new research from Counterpoint shows that in Q4 2017, while the premium smartphone market did not achieve as much growth as expected, Apple was still the most profitable brand, with 86% of the smartphone market profits. Breaking down those...
  19. Maura

    Samsung to Start iPhone X and iPhone X Plus OLED Display Production Next Month

    According to a new report from Economic Daily News, via MacRumors, Samsung will begin production of OLED displays for this year’s iPhone X as well as the new iPhone X Plus in May. If everything goes to plan, once production lines are rolling in May, Samsung will double its production capacity in...
  20. Maura

    Snapchat Unveils New Face Lens Filters Exclusively for iPhone X

    9to5 Mac reports that Snapchat has today unveiled three special new face filters that can only be used on iPhone X. The three new filters are an 80s wrestler mask, a tiara, and an “ornate, bejewelled” mask, and they take advantage of the infrared sensors that are unique to the iPhone X’s...