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Snapchat Unveils New Face Lens Filters Exclusively for iPhone X


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Jun 18, 2010
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9to5 Mac reports that Snapchat has today unveiled three special new face filters that can only be used on iPhone X. The three new filters are an 80s wrestler mask, a tiara, and an “ornate, bejewelled” mask, and they take advantage of the infrared sensors that are unique to the iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera system. Using this technology, the masks can more accurately map a user’s face, adhering to a person’s unique facial contours in real time.

Aside from accurately mapping the user’s face, the three new lenses also have ambient lighting and come with a special Portrait-style blurred background.

If the masks look a little familiar, you might recall that they were actually first showcased by Apple’s Craig Federighi during the iPhone X announcement event in September of last year.

In order to use the filters on your iPhone X, all you have to do is launch Snapchat, select the front camera, then press on the middle of the screen to get the lenses and filters view. The first three to appear are the new exclusive lenses.

Source: Snapchat launches exclusive face filters for iPhone X that take advantage of the TrueDepth camera

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