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  • Sorry for bothering you. Your profile suggest that you are close to Apple. My local weather is not working. If I set the location on, it didn't pick up my location. When moving in the country, I pick up others. I'm in Randfontein Gauteng, South Africa. Search on Randfontein Estate Gold Mine find it, but when switch the location on, nothing. I downloaded Yahoo weather, but same. Maybe you can help. Sorry again for bothering you here.
    Hello and good day to you, I was just wondering how hard it would be to change my name on the forum to iJeff if at all possible? I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and all is well with you. I hope to hear back from you as soon as you get a free moment. Thanks again.
    welcome here too :))

    hope to listen you soon , and maybe see you in Aussie during my next bizz trip
    right, it's that i'm on most. there are a few other android forums they run (backflip, nexus one, tablets, etc), but most of my time is at DF.
    That's cool what other forums do they run I heard an android forum also is that correct.
    Hi Colin, thanks for the welcome! I came over from another forum the admins run and plan to help out here as well (thus the Smod status also). Cheers!
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