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Sep 8, 2021
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Has anybody else had the issue of leaving a voice message for a specific time only to have the time be incorrect or inconsistent?

Specifically, my friend and I like to leave voice messages for exactly 1 minute and 11 seconds. We "let go" of the record button exactly when the length of the message reaches 1:11, and therefore expect the message length to send as 1:11, but it gets sent often as 1:10 or 1:08 sometimes. I'm wondering if WhatsApp on iphone changes or edits pauses in messages, or what might account for this difference in timing?

To note, both of us are usually android users, and this issue never arose while using android version of WhatsApp. Last year I switched, got iphone X. He recently got iphone 7, then immediately upgraded to iphone 8, and all three models have the same issue.

You can try for yourself! Leave a voice message, and try to aim for exactly 1 minute and 11 seconds, and notice what length actually gets recorded! You could even try doing 1:00 exactly and see if the iphone version does not get changed!

Hope this is the right place to ask this question. Thanks for any constructive feedback!