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  1. S

    WhatsApp Issue

    Has anybody else had the issue of leaving a voice message for a specific time only to have the time be incorrect or inconsistent? Specifically, my friend and I like to leave voice messages for exactly 1 minute and 11 seconds. We "let go" of the record button exactly when the length of the...
  2. K

    Whatsapp Extensions

    Hi there, i am looking for a whatsapp guru, any help would be appreciated Is there any sort of mac extensions or i phone extensions that would work with Whatsapp or is there any type of apps, websites that require whatsapp to log in? Is it possible to call someone and they scan the QR code...
  3. P

    Whatsapp deleted messages - recover

    Hi, is it possible to recover a deleted message from a chat on whatsapp? The message deleted was an old message in a chat that was already read by both participants of the chat. It has been deleted only on one phone ("delete only for me" option). Is it possible somehow to recover it on the phone...
  4. A

    location sharing issue on iphone

    Hi , I am sharing my location to another person using whatsapp location sharing. It was set for 8 hrs. But it ended in 3-4 hrs only. How it can be fixed?
  5. F

    I use WhatsApp on an iPhone X. I have chat history and media backed up on my iCloud. The total size

    I use WhatsApp on an iPhone X. I have chat history and media backed up on my iCloud. The total size of the backup is around 6 GB. I had to send in the iPhone X for repair, and I’m using a temporarily loaned iPhone 6. I restored the WhatsApp chat history from iCloud, but the iPhone 6 is a 16 GB...
  6. N

    Whatsapp group bug

    Hello I have problem with one of my groups, on my iphone is showing that are 756 people in it ( which is impossible ) when there are only 151 people, and I can’t add anyone because it’s telling me that is on the limit which is not! I’ve deleted the app, made an recovery and installed, but...
  7. A

    whatsapp & notifications

    Hello, I am running iOS 11.0.3 with an iPhone 7 plus. I am having issues using WhatsApp, I am in a group with many people within my company and most of the time I do not get any notifications, I have to load up the app to see any new messages that had come through while the phone was in my...
  8. M

    iPhone 5 lag & iCloud & Whatsapp issues

    for the past few days my iPhone 5 was very laggy, it turned off twice by itself and was stuck on the white Apple logo screen so I updated the iOS to the latest version available, 10.3.3. My phone kept having issues and I thought about logging out and logging into iCloud to try to fix the issue...
  9. P

    New Member - question

    I am a new member and looking for some advice. I now have an iPhone 7 and iPad Pro both have WhatsApp Apps installed on them as I was led to believe by someone that they would sync with each other I sent a member through the IPad WhatsApp and was wondering how or when this message will appear...
  10. G

    How to see if my contatcts has whatsapp?

    Hello there! I would like to see if my contacts have whatsapp. Is there an app? Could you help me?
  11. J

    Never ending app download (whatsapp)

    I'm trying to install WhatsApp on my iPhone 7. I an new to iPhone so maybe I'm not doing something right. When I press/tap on Get (for WhatsApp) the little icon goes round and round indicating that something is happening, but it just never finishes. It will go on for hours and never download...
  12. D

    Iphone 4 and problems with I cloud

    Ok here is my problem I had an Iphone 4 which I backed up all my photos to icloud paying the small fee for extra storage. I have now got a new android phone and I let my subscription to icloud lapse. My Iphone 4 is now locked saying 24,000,000 to try again with code. I no longer have a...
  13. polwirtz

    WhatsApp Favorites to many

    Whatsapp puts up all (hundreds) of my x-thousand contacts into my Favorites, just because they do have the Whatsapp app.This makes some sense (to WhatsApp ?) - but I want to delete them ALL together (not one by one!!) and register some 30 real favourites / real friends :) ! Any suggestion ?
  14. J

    Whatsapp Crashing when contacts enabled

    Hello, Whatsapp all of the sudden starts crashing when contacts are enabled.. What shall i do? i uninstalled it & then installed it , same.. Thank you in advance.