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Iphone 4 and problems with I cloud


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Mar 9, 2017
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Ok here is my problem I had an Iphone 4 which I backed up all my photos to icloud paying the small fee for extra storage.

I have now got a new android phone and I let my subscription to icloud lapse.

My Iphone 4 is now locked saying 24,000,000 to try again with code.

I no longer have a computer to which it was synced to previously and I cannot unlock it and have been told a hard reset is all I can do but then I lose all the pictures on the phone.

Are my pictures still save on ICloud, can I access same from a windows pc, can I renew subscription to access my photos or are my photos lost forever.

Before my phone locked I did get the photos off the camera role but the facebook, snapchat and whatsapp photos did not transfer over.

Any advice or assistance would be appreciated in how to obtain these photos.

Login with your iCloud ID to www.icloud.com on a computer, using a browser. You'll find a Photos icon there. Select it. If your images still can be found there, you can retrieve them from there. Otherwise you won't be able to download them.