1. C

    iCloud keeps bringing in entire photo archive onto my iPhone!

    Hi, apologies if this has been answered already. I imagine it has but I couldn't quite find the same issue upon searching the forum. Please link me to an old post if so. My issue: I have 13,000+ photos going back almost 20 years, all backed up to iCloud (w/ the 200gb storage upgrade). I...
  2. G

    Can’t transfer photos from phone to computer

    I’ve been trying off and on for years to transfer photos from my iPhone XR to my computer using the import feature from the Photos program on my Windows 10 computer. Every single time, after a handful of photos (sometimes a couple, sometimes a few hundred), it errors out and gives me the...
  3. J

    Photo folders as albums for iPhone synchronization

    I have slightly less (9.65gb) than 10gb of slightly less than 6,000 photos from worldly travels to 18 countries, and photos of material belongings and documents. It’s been an ENORMOUS multiple-year project to label, organize, sort, and eliminate crap photos. I need to get each folder as an...
  4. DaveM

    Copy photos and videos to Windows 10 PC

    EDIT: After creating the post below I found a free tool from EaseUS called MobiMover that accomplished this easily. No, I have no stake in the software, but if moderators think this post needs to be removed no hard feelings. I love my iPhone but sometimes Apple seems to make things so hard. :(...
  5. M

    Possible BUG in iOS "People" Album

    iPhone 6; iOS 11.2.6 Since latest iOS update, a bug seems to have crept into my "People" Album in Photos. Previously the phone would properly recognize faces and allow them to be grouped in the People album by name. Recently, however, if I select a new photo and scroll down, the thumbnail that...
  6. P

    iPhone and Apple Watch Suggestion (giving help, not asking)

    I just purchased an Apple Watch for medical purposes, it will work with a CGM, I did not want photos on the watch taking up valuable space. No option to not sync photos. I searched this and found many people asking about this. I had already gone through settings and lowered the number of photos...
  7. J

    iphone 6 storage full

    I keep getting the message that the storage on my iphone 6 is full. When I look under 'storage' in settings, it says Used 12GB, Available Zero KB. The app that shows most used is 'Photos & Camera' at 2.8GB used, but my photos are supposed to be going to icloud. I don't understand why the...
  8. Maura

    Apple Acquires Computer Vision Startup Company Regaind

    In an exclusive report today, TechCrunch reveals that it has heard from multiple sources that Apple has acquired a small French startup firm called Regaind. When Apple was asked by TechCrunch to comment on the acquisition, it sort-of confirmed it (ish) in a typically tight-lipped statement...
  9. D

    Iphone 4 and problems with I cloud

    Ok here is my problem I had an Iphone 4 which I backed up all my photos to icloud paying the small fee for extra storage. I have now got a new android phone and I let my subscription to icloud lapse. My Iphone 4 is now locked saying 24,000,000 to try again with code. I no longer have a...
  10. L

    iPhone deleted all of my photos

    Over the past few months (since October 2016), my iPhone 6 has been rebooting itself (as though I'm pressing the power and home button simultaneously). When the phone restarts, all of my apps appear as normal, but my pictures, videos, and music are all gone. Slowly, they restore themselves...
  11. Y

    Is there anyone alse want to download videos and photos on Instagram?

    Hello guys, Is there anyone else want to download videos and photos on Instagram? I'm using iPhone and search this kind of apps on AppStore, but can't find better app. If you know any, tell me!
  12. J. A.

    Photos with the iPhone SE

    I'm sure some of our members use their iPhone SE for taking pictures. It's camera equals the one on the 6s, which means you can also take great pictures with it. So, if you're taking photos with your SE, please share them with us!
  13. J. A.

    Photos taken with the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus

    The new iPhones will have great cameras, with new features, so I expect even more beautiful pictures taken with these devices. Please post your photos with this great device in this thread! I look forward to seeing what's possible with the new cameras. It's quite possible that I'll...
  14. K

    iPhone 6 transferring photos problem.

    Hi, first ever post as I really need help (before I end up smashing the phone up)! Okay so the short way of explaining the problem is that my my phones memory is full so therefore I need to delete the photos/videos off it. However I obviously want to keep the photos before I delete them so need...
  15. ro861

    Photos with the 6s

    Train entering in station, by night Made with my 6s ( not +). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. C

    Need photos off broken iphone!!! Help????

    Long story story short my ex smashed up my iphone with all the photos of my daughter on. The phone is in 2 pieces. My photos are backed up on icloud (i think) but dont have access to a computer yet. Also my iphone had a password on, will this stop me from accessing the photos as i cant type it...
  17. Cloudbank

    'Ethereal' Shared Photo Stream and its data on my iPhone

    This has slowly been eating away at me and I'd love to get some help on the matter. I've been using my iPhone for a while now and I disabled iCloud and its Photo Stream and sharing services after a bit. I don't recall ever using them, sharing anything with anyone nor do I recall ever creating a...
  18. NoBite

    Managing Photos in Albums

    I have created a few folders in my Photos app. I am trying to clean up my Camera Roll album. What I see is that ALL my photos stored on my phone reside in the Camera Roll album. As mentioned, I have several other folders of special interest photos. Is there a way to delete photos from the...
  19. L

    Turning off iCloud Photo Library

    When I try to do this: "This iPhone was not able to download 875 full-resolution photos and videos. If you continue, the low-resolution versions of these photos and videos will be removed." Ultimately what I am trying to do is get all of my pictures onto my PC. Only about 150 of the 1000+...
  20. J. A.

    Photos with the 6s plus

    With the new iPhone 6s plus coming soon, I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures it can take with it's 12 MP camera. I'm curious what they'll look like in comparison to those taken with the iPhone 6 plus, which are already great. So if you're taking photos with your new device, feel free to...