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'Ethereal' Shared Photo Stream and its data on my iPhone


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Dec 9, 2015
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This has slowly been eating away at me and I'd love to get some help on the matter. I've been using my iPhone for a while now and I disabled iCloud and its Photo Stream and sharing services after a bit. I don't recall ever using them, sharing anything with anyone nor do I recall ever creating a photo stream. However, my iPhone tells me otherwise. According to my iPhone, there is a "Shared Photo Stream" set up with 7.8 MB in use:


What is this and how do I get into this stream to delete the photos and stop sharing?

Important things to note:

When I got my iPhone, I set it up with 2 Apple IDs, switching between the two before I actually went and disabled iCloud for both, as well as the Photo Streams and all the sharing options. I've checked through both accounts, but there doesn't seem to be any Photo Stream set up nor a Shared Photo Stream. I'm losing my mind...
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Is your iPhone up to date? The latest software for the 4s upwards is 9.2.

There was a bug with one of iOS 8's versions that didn't remove images from the Recently Deleted folder properly. It's possible that you're experiencing something similar. The fix for that problem was to turn off "Set Automatically" in Settings - General - Date & Time, and then set a date from two years ago. That done, return to your Recently Deleted album in Photos and remove all the pictures that appear there. Afterwards, enable "Set Automatically" again.