1. V

    32GB not enough for my Iphone 7 plus

    Not long ago I obtained an iphone 7 plus but it only has 32GB memory. At the time and the guy at Car Phone Warehouse agreed 32GB would be good for me. I however have discovered Amazon Music and as I travel a lot, mainly cruises the facility to listen to my music, primarily Mozart when I am not...
  2. D

    6s plus memory problem

    Can anyone tell me why when my phone won’t update anything because there is not enough memory and I check and it says I have 15.7 of 16 gb used, so I delete over 2gb of info and then I have only 15.6 fb out of 16 left. Math wasn’t my strongest suit but even I can tell something doesn’t add up right.
  3. ccgreen


    How do you do a hard reboot w/ touch ID on iphone 7. - Also, this was a great trick - and don't know how this works either: To shut down all your open apps, you might know that you can double-click the iPhone's home button and swipe up on each one in the app switcher. For a shortcut (and a way...
  4. W

    iPhone and iCloud Confusion - help!

    I am not an iphone user, but being a friendly neighbour who is quite tech savvy, I was more than willing to try to help my neighbour out when she said her iphone had stopped working (we live in an isolated village in Spain). On examination the phone was not dead, but when any app was launched...
  5. Cloudbank

    'Ethereal' Shared Photo Stream and its data on my iPhone

    This has slowly been eating away at me and I'd love to get some help on the matter. I've been using my iPhone for a while now and I disabled iCloud and its Photo Stream and sharing services after a bit. I don't recall ever using them, sharing anything with anyone nor do I recall ever creating a...
  6. DaveM

    Where did all my memory go?

    Holy c**p! I just upgraded my 5s from 8.4.1 to 9.0 and my free space went from 4.85 GB to 1.67 GB! Yikes! Is iOS 9 really taking up that much more memory? :(