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  1. Imjack

    How to set alphabetically order of Picture Albums in OS11.0.3 ?

    Using the external photoalbum program Adobe Photo Elements, I have more than 100 Albums. Using iTunes I uploaded thousands of images to my iPhone. The iPhone orders the albums almost randomly, probably according to date added to phone. I can manually order them in the way I like, but as soon as...
  2. A

    upload video from pc to iphone and use in Telegram

    hello , i buy iPhone 6s a few days ago and really amateur on this i want to copy some video files to my phone and then send them to telegram chat i install ITunes in win7 and upload videos to library and sync it . after this i check the videos app in phone and i can see all of my clips here...
  3. Cloudbank

    'Ethereal' Shared Photo Stream and its data on my iPhone

    This has slowly been eating away at me and I'd love to get some help on the matter. I've been using my iPhone for a while now and I disabled iCloud and its Photo Stream and sharing services after a bit. I don't recall ever using them, sharing anything with anyone nor do I recall ever creating a...
  4. NoBite

    Managing Photos in Albums

    I have created a few folders in my Photos app. I am trying to clean up my Camera Roll album. What I see is that ALL my photos stored on my phone reside in the Camera Roll album. As mentioned, I have several other folders of special interest photos. Is there a way to delete photos from the...