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Possible BUG in iOS "People" Album


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Jun 29, 2013
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iPhone 6; iOS 11.2.6
Since latest iOS update, a bug seems to have crept into my "People" Album in Photos.

Previously the phone would properly recognize faces and allow them to be grouped in the People album by name.
Recently, however, if I select a new photo and scroll down, the thumbnail that appears below does not, necessrily, represent the proper subject. Therefore, I cannot include that photo in its proper name group in the People album. Instead, the photo may end up under someone else's name.

If I want to remove the incorrect picture from the group, it deletes the picture from "All Photos", as well.
This never was a problem in previous versions of iOS.

If I try to "force" the proper grouping of a photo, I can create a new Name Group under "My Albums". However, the program will not allow me to merge this name group into my People album.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would like this to be reported to Apple as a BUG, but I am unaware as to how to do this.

BTW: Genius Bar at local Apple Store had no solution.
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