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  1. D


    Could you in theory imessage yourself using the iPhone 4s back in 2012?
  2. S

    Brazillian iPhone 4S

    Hello all! I have a bit of a mystery/ question on my hands. I recently purchased an iPhone 4S which was produced in Brazil (Model number MD241BR/A) and was wondering if anyone here had any information on brazilian made iPhones. From what I understand, they weren't made for too long (Had to have...
  3. X

    How can I make a complete backup of jailbroken iPhone 4 with iOS 7?

    I tried searching, but this is a pretty unique and complex situation, so I didn't find anything close. I hope there's a solution. I have an jailbroken iPhone 4 running iOS 7. It's setup to do everything exactly how I want it, and I'm not at all interested in upgrading. Many of the apps I depend...
  4. S

    Is it worth to buy Iphone 4?

    When iPhone 4 launched. It looks awesome with also having best features. But in the meantime iPhone released follow up series of phone. There were many other brands available with less cost than iPhone 4 and more features than iPhone 4? Moreover, screen size is also lees for iPhone 4? In the...
  5. D

    Iphone 4 and problems with I cloud

    Ok here is my problem I had an Iphone 4 which I backed up all my photos to icloud paying the small fee for extra storage. I have now got a new android phone and I let my subscription to icloud lapse. My Iphone 4 is now locked saying 24,000,000 to try again with code. I no longer have a...
  6. Maura

    iPhone 4 Survives More Than a Year at the Bottom of a Lake

    BuzzFeed News reports that a Knox, Pennsylvania, man is about to be reunited with an iPhone 4 that fell into an icy lake back in March 2015 when he was ice fishing. “We were having negative 25-degree weather, so me and two buddies went ice fishing,” Michael Guntrum told BuzzFeed News. “We were...
  7. K

    Iphone mail/Yahoo problem

    While checking my emails this morning all my email accounts (all Yahoo) suddenly disappeared from the phone. I have tried numerous times to add the accounts back to the phone following all the normal steps. I get as far as 'verifying' the password and each time settings just closes without...
  8. D

    My phone won't turn on?

    Before I start, let me say hello to everyone, and that this is my very first post here on the iPhone Forums website! Now that the business is out of the way: I've had my iPhone 4 since 23 May 2012. I've had no problems with it--besides me dropping it, and one time it accidentally fell in my...
  9. I

    Share function?

    On iOS 7.1.2, whenever you open a photo, for instance, or a webpage or anything, you get the little share button (a square with an up arrow). The problem is mine only shows "Mail" and "Text message", which is weird, considering all the other messaging or cloud apps I have installed. I tried...
  10. L

    Successfully bypassed icloud on ios 7.1.2 but no service

    i bypassed icloud on iphone 4 bcz from whome i purchased this iphone is no longer in contact that i can get his icloud id pass so i decided to bypass it and i was successful i set up it as A New Iphone Then signed into icloud with my new id pass everything was ok but when i inserted my sim card...
  11. S

    iPhone 4 -calendar & text msg problem

    I have the last Update on my iPhone 4 phone = 7.1.2 (11D257) I have an appointment in my calendar that it won't let me delete or edit it - and now when I go into the calendar to add appts., I can't exit from the program without having to shut it down. I can do work on the calendar, it just...
  12. Y

    Continuous REboot LoOp

    Hi. I have an iPhone 4, ios 7.1.2 . I recently jailbroke my iPhone using Pangu tool. It was a success. I got cydia installed. When I powered off my phone, and tried to power it on, I couldn't boot back in. I am stuck in a continuous boot loop with the iPhone restarting every 20-25 seconds. I...
  13. ralphdn

    Cannot connect with collect3 / Web Access

    I have in the past been able to transfer files to my iPhone4 by selecting Settings/Start Web Access on the iPhone, after which the URL can be selected on both devices and used to transfer files. However, as of a few days ago the connection to the iPhone from collect3 is...
  14. M

    Small centered apps on iphone 4 after install ios 7.1.2

    Hi everyone, Pleaseeee i beg! I already asked everywhere and anyone can solve I've got a problem with some of my apps on my Iphone 4 including facebook, When I open them they show loading screen and then they shrink to 1/4 of the size and are centered on the screen. I tried everything (or...
  15. P

    iPhone 4 - Took SIM card out and then placed it back inside, now I can't get service

    I took it out just to show a curious friend how to do it, and placed it back just as it was. It wasn't out for more than a few seconds, but since then I have "No Service" at the top left corner even though other members of my household (with the same plan) are doing just fine. Please help ASAP...