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iPhone 4 - Took SIM card out and then placed it back inside, now I can't get service


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Aug 26, 2015
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I took it out just to show a curious friend how to do it, and placed it back just as it was. It wasn't out for more than a few seconds, but since then I have "No Service" at the top left corner even though other members of my household (with the same plan) are doing just fine.

Please help ASAP, I'm a dependent person and I need to be able to receive calls and texts to get by
Welcome to iPhoneForums, Pippin!

Try restarting your iPhone - turn it off and on again.

If that doesn't help, remove the SIM card. Make sure it's not bent or damaged, also make sure to insert it the right way.

The latest software version for iPhone 4s onwards is iOS 8.4.1. Updating your device in case it's not up to date may help with your problem too.

Maybe there was a software update for your carrier settings. Go to Settings - General - About. If there's an update, a prompt will appear.

If nothing works, you should consider contacting your carrier.

Hope that helps.
As well as the advice above you could try a hard reset, Hold down your on/off and Home button until the apple appears then let go and the phone will reboot.
Let us know if anything helped.
Thank you guys very much for the support!

After re-inserting the card a few times, it somehow started working again. I couldn't tell you why exactly

My theory is that this phone is simply old, and I need a new one.

When I do, I'll let you know it won't be a phone associated with Apple just because of the monopolization they bring with their products. Ex: having to go through iTunes, not being able to download anything unless it's in the AppStore, specific and easily breakable chargers etc. the list goes on and on.

Again thanks a lot you guys, your support was indeed of top notch quality