1. E

    iphone 8 screen black and doesn't reset

    Hi, recently my iPhone 8 has been freezing with the screen still on, but both the home and power buttons not functioning. this would usually go away after i plugged it in for a few minutes, but now it seems to have completely died with the screen completely black and the home button still...
  2. J

    A menu popped up on my Iphone and now I can't use touchscreen

    So today in the afternoon my mother pressed on some kind of a button on her iPhone. She has iPhone 13. The menu looks like a hand and when you open it up you have some kind of arrows. Now I tried to press on the hand gesture and I can't use the touch screen anymore. I have tried to shut the...
  3. J

    iPhone 8 Plus Camera

    Hello, I wanted to ask something, I want to change the rear camera on my cell phone because when I shoot video at 30 seconds the image freezes and stops shooting or at 1 minute. But there are 2 cameras to buy with a code on, one camera has the code (01075-04 / 01074-03) and the other camera has...
  4. Lukas Charles

    iPod 4th Gen

    I have an iPod Touch 4th gen that is basically unusable due to the fact that it is running ios 6.1.6. I just want to use iMessage and FaceTime on it but because the software if from before two-factor verification it's impossible for me to log in (though I see online it works fine for others)...
  5. S

    BUG? "IPhone disabled" without me doing anything (iPhone 6)

    Huge problem: Randomly my iPhone 6 gets disabled. The past days it happened a few times that, after charging my phone, it turned on with the "iPhone is disabled" screen appearing. The times before I just had to wait for a few minutes until it was "enabled" again (and I sort of ignored the it) -...
  6. B

    HELP! Almost locked out of iPhone, need to reset passcode.

    So basically, a couple nights ago I changed my iPhone passcode to an alphanumeric passcode... I have been using my fingerprint and have had no issues. I went to go mess with the settings, and it asked me to enter my passcode and it was WHAT I THOUGHT I changed it to, but it was wrong. I’m...
  7. W

    iPhone 5s Display does not work

    Hi, after the fall of the iPhone 5s has stopped displaying the image although the backlight is working normally and the phone starts up, it sounds / vibrates. I tried to play settings by uploading iOS. One time when we tried to turn on the phone the logo was displayed and faded while charging...
  8. H

    Iphone Se Broken or Virus? HELP!

    Okay, so my phone randomly turns itself off, and a white screen with a black apple logo comes up and it goes all pixelated and sometimes it will go incredibly pixelated as if the screen was broken before going off, and other times it goes less pixelated and is stuck on that screen. When I hard...
  9. M

    iPhone set up

    If I buy an iPhone in China, will the set up be different? I have read in various sites about people complaining that their iPhone is in Chinese. I thought you are to choose your language of choice during setup. Another thing is that if I buy this iPhone in China and I set it up using English...
  10. Z

    Recently deleted

    Hello there! Yesterday (around 24 hrs ago) I deleted videos for a movie project in my recently deleted folder due to lack of concentration. :/ My question now is there any way to restore them? (side note: I think I opened itunes for a synchro shortly before I deleted them but I am not sure bc...
  11. R

    Night Video Shoot

    I download an application called night photo and video shoot on iphone7 and I tried to record a video with it at night and tried to save the video from iphone7 to the laptop but I faced a problem there was no video shown when I plug in the usb to the computer although the video I recorded is...
  12. B

    Cydia infinitely loads when downloading packages/tweaks

    I have been using Cydia for about a week now, when I first used it all was well. After about 2 days, when installing anything on Cydia it just says running Debian packager but then infinitely loads which means I have to do a hard reset. Is there any way of fixing this? Also even in safe mode...
  13. B

    My phone got stuck on the apple logo.

    I installed a tweak called tsProtector and it got stuck on a boot loop. Already tried force restart but still gets stuck. It wont even show the lockscreen.
  14. L

    iPhone deleted all of my photos

    Over the past few months (since October 2016), my iPhone 6 has been rebooting itself (as though I'm pressing the power and home button simultaneously). When the phone restarts, all of my apps appear as normal, but my pictures, videos, and music are all gone. Slowly, they restore themselves...
  15. K

    iPhone 6 Straight Talk SMS delivery problems

    I have a Straight Talk iPhone 6. Several people that i text, are not receiving my messages. But i am receiving theirs. Ive come to realize it is only those who do not have iPhones who aren't receiving my messages. under my message settings, i have both "iMessage" and "Send as SMS" turned ON. i...
  16. A

    iPhone 5c, I need help!

    Hello! So recently I updated my iPhone to iOS 10.1 from 9.3.5 and I have some troubles regarding it, and I think it's because of the iOS, since my iPhone worked really nice on 9.3.5 I tried using the IPSW file of the iOS 10.0.2 to downgrade my iPhone, but the problems persist; it's slower...
  17. K

    iPhone 6 transferring photos problem.

    Hi, first ever post as I really need help (before I end up smashing the phone up)! Okay so the short way of explaining the problem is that my my phones memory is full so therefore I need to delete the photos/videos off it. However I obviously want to keep the photos before I delete them so need...
  18. B

    My Sleep Wake Button lost it's clicky feedback, will apple replace the handset ?

    Hey, over the past couple of weeks I realized that my phone's sleep wake was not preforming well in terms of the clicking and pressing of the button. Initially pointed out by a friend, I realized that everyone's iphone around me made a prominent click sound when the button itself was pressed in...
  19. Y

    Headphone music app problem

    My iPhone 5s used to pause my music when I unplugged my headphones or aux cord. Now it completely stops the song instead of pausing. Also, my iPhone now automatically changes the volume to 50% whenever I plug in headphones again. How can I fix these two very annoying issues?
  20. B

    iPhone 4s (iTunes Error 29 Problems)

    As it started off my brother came to me and said his phone would just turn off at random, I thought that there must be an issue with the software and tried to restore it. I got error 29 while restoring. I tried different restore methods none which have worked. i.e: DFU etc... Looking online and...