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iPhone 6 Straight Talk SMS delivery problems


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Dec 7, 2016
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I have a Straight Talk iPhone 6. Several people that i text, are not receiving my messages. But i am receiving theirs. Ive come to realize it is only those who do not have iPhones who aren't receiving my messages. under my message settings, i have both "iMessage" and "Send as SMS" turned ON. i called straighttalk and they were no help so i called apple and they walked me through restoring my phone, tweaking a few settings, etc etc. but still no solution. apple said they needed to reach out to their engineering department to get a different avenue of approach towards a solution and would get back to me within the next 2 weeks. BUT I'm leaving in a few days to go out of state and i would really like to be able to quickly reach my mother and sister (who are non-iPhone users) while I'm away in case of an emergency, etc.

Here's a few things you should know..

  • Before apple walked me through restoring my phone, i had downloaded the public beta. so after restoring my phone, i no longer have the beta program on there anymore. i am running iOS 10.1.1 now

  • I texted myself with "iMessage" setting turned on and "send as SMS" turned on and received it. then i tried turning "iMessage" setting on and "Send as SMS" setting off and received it then i tried turning "iMessage" setting off and "Send as SMS" off and DID NOT receive it then i turned "iMessage" off and "Send as SMS" on and an alert saying "Cannot send message" popped up on my screen when i tried to send it.

  • My data works fine. i can surf the web with or without being connected to Wi-Fi.


I have the sim card installed in my iPhone that came with the BYOP package from straight talk that makes sprint phones able to become straight talk compatible. I still have the other sim cards that came in the package but I have not tried using any of the other ones.
I made sure that sprint unlocked it. i didn't have a single problem with messaging non iPhone users until just a few days ago. It might have something to do with me downloading the public beta software. i told the apple support lady that i did have the beta version downloaded on my phone which is why she wanted to go through with restoration process and deleting the beta profile to see if that fixed the issue but, surprisingly, it didn't.
I deleted your other thread which was a duplicate of this one.
I deleted your other thread which was a duplicate of this one.

ok thank you for letting me know. J. A. showed me the appropriate place to post a new thread after i had already posted the other. thank you tho
I got a same problem , but its people that have iphones my sms texts are not being delivered
I got a same problem , but its people that have iphones my sms texts are not being delivered
Do they have iMessage turned on? Do you have send as SMS turned on in settings? To check, go to Settings>Messages>Send as SMS and check that the switch is turned on. If you don't have it turned on and they don't have iMessage activated, they won't receive SMS messages from your iPhone.
In my case I can text from both of my other phones to the numbers that don't work on my 6S plus, one on wi-fi the other cellular and they go through fine.
Here's something else that might help us come to a solution.. or maybe even make the problem EVEN MORE confusing... I downloaded a free text app to see if I was able to text the non iPhone users that I wasn't able to text before and oddly enough, they received my text through the free text app but not through my regular messaging pre-installed app. How is that possible? I recently downloaded the newest update for iOS so I'm now running iOS 10.2 and the problem still persists. Apple reached out to me again with a solution except she told me they could not find a solution. I have no idea what has happened.
I think I might have found the problem , my phone carrier package is for calling and texting only nothing else .
maybe thats why I cant text them ?
I found the solution to my problem! I had to call and have my number changed and that fixed it! I can now text non-iPhone users. I have straighttalk. I don't know if this will be the solution for other carriers