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iMessage not working on straight talk HELP!!


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Aug 19, 2015
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I recently got a iphone 5s from a family member who had it activated on a Verizon plan, I bought the straight talks BYOP activation kit and activated the phone with my same number from my iphone 4s, in the kit I used the Verizon sim card in the iphone 5 but I keep receiving a error message saying iphone not activated but yet I can still make and recive phone calls and use anything data related but I cannot receive or send sms or imessages in my setting under phone where it says my number it says in grey letters "unknown" and in my imessage settings it says waiting for activation its been like this for 3 days now and I have already contactacted straight talk and they told me to contact apple support and I never recived my call back please help.


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Feb 8, 2013
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I found this down below on the list of similar topics. Maybe it will help.
Okay. I went to that forum and found where it says reset network settings because it said you should delete your old APN's. So reset that and decided to try the internet and sending a picture message, and for some reason it worked.

It makes no sense why?.