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  1. S

    Multiple Group text

    Looking for an app to send a message to multiple group messages to imessage and/or sms within each groups. Unfortunately I can not use apps like slacker or app only programs where everyone has to download it. This is for a distribution lists of a group teams and each team has a text thread going...
  2. M

    Not receiving messages from Android users

    My friend has an Iphone 5c and about a week ago she stopped getting messages from Android users but they can get her messages. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks
  3. K

    iPhone 6 Straight Talk SMS delivery problems

    I have a Straight Talk iPhone 6. Several people that i text, are not receiving my messages. But i am receiving theirs. Ive come to realize it is only those who do not have iPhones who aren't receiving my messages. under my message settings, i have both "iMessage" and "Send as SMS" turned ON. i...
  4. Maura

    SMS Deemed No Longer Safe for Two-Step Identification

    The US National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) has announced that it no longer considers text messages as secure enough when used as part of a two-factor identification method (2FA). Currently, when you opt to use 2FA on your iPhone or iPad, you can choose to have a code sent to...
  5. M

    SMS Recipient Appears as Number, NOT Contact Name

    Hi, Having a strange issue with my iPhone 6 since getting iOS 9. I am currently on the latest 9.3.1 update. The issue I am having, is as: When I receive SMS messages. They display on the lock screen and in banner, but they do not display the contact name, only the number it is from, so for...