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Not receiving messages from Android users


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Jan 6, 2017
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My friend has an Iphone 5c and about a week ago she stopped getting messages from Android users but they can get her messages. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks
Yeah same with my mom, she refuses to upgrade, so one if my reasons for upgrading to the iPhone 7 plus (jet black)
Was to be able to text with her
It didn't hurt that it has the A10 processor, or dual rear camera [emoji327], or 3D Touch, or water resistant, or is so damn pretty
Sometimes it helps to turn "imessage" & "facetime" off in settings or to completely delete any SMS threads from the particular android user and then attempt messaging again.

Good luck!
If the Android users are getting all her messages but the Android messages aren't making it to your iPhone 5 C.

Sounds like an Android problem to me.
Well I had the problem as well but when I came back to iPhone it went away