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iPhone 5c (iOS 9.2) messages disappearing after exiting app?


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Jan 15, 2016
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I am currently on an iPhone 5c that is running iOS 9.2. When I was running iOS 9.1 is when this problem began. When I try to send a text message or iMessage, it gets stuck at "sending 1 of (#)". It has gotten to the point where it is at "sending 1 of 43" to someone. Then, once I exit the messages app, ALL of my messages disappear. It shows the contact names, but they are empty conversations. The final problem is that I don't get any type of notification when I receive a message. No lockscreen/control center notif, no vibration, nothing. I have done EVERYTHING. Meaning I have even restored my phone completely. I have no idea if there's anything else I could do. Please help? Thank you in advance.