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can't fully De-register phone number from iMessage


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Jun 4, 2014
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Hi folks,

My sister's IPhone 4S was stolen so she thought she'd try a Samsung Android phone.

No one at ATT told her about the Imessage De-registration issue. Now she cannot receive text messages from IPhone users, even though she contacted Apple by phone and asked to be De-registered from IMessage, which they did.

Three days later, when an IPhone user texts her, the sender gets still gets a "not delivered" message, which is better than how the problem originally presented. Before she called Apple, IPhone users who texted her no indication their messages weren't going through because she was still registered in Imessage.

Does anyone KNOW how to solve this problem? We've read a lot of suggestions from Google searches but all have been a waste of time. Solutions like "tell iPhone users to turn off Imessage" are impractical.

I'm really hoping to hear from someone who has been through this :(

Thanks in advance!