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How to fix iMessages that receivers get from your email address, not your name


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Jan 12, 2012
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The other day I sent a friend and fellow iPhone 4s user a text. I had texted her many times before. She responded with "Who is this?" I told her it was me and she said that the message had come from an email address she didn't recognize. It was the email address I have associated with my Apple ID. I called Apple tech support to try to fix it and they directed me to Settings > Messages > Receive At > Caller ID > now check your phone number instead of your email address. I did this but my friend was STILL getting my texts from my email, not my phone number/name. We've got to remember that the way the iPhone puts the text message sender's name at the top of the text recipient's text screen is by associating it with a contact in your address book. So, if you have (212) 222-3333 saved as Christine Smith's mobile phone in your address book, the phone will put Christine Smith at the top of the text screen when it receives a text from (212) 222-3333. Back to my issue..... My friend was still getting texts from my email not ME, the mobile number that she has saved in her address book. Apple support told me to tell my friend to delete the entire text conversation and then send a fresh text to her. That didn't work either. She still got the new text message from my email address. Finally, I read up on this forum and found a post that instructed to go to Settings > Messages > Receive At > Apple ID > then select "Sign Out" of iMessage account. This finally fixed the problem. The thing that still bothers and puzzles me is, why did this only happen with my ONE friend? I was texting/iMessaging with other friends that have iPhones and use iMessage and we didn't have this problem. Weird. I'd be interested if anyone can answer that one!
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