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HELP! Almost locked out of iPhone, need to reset passcode.


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Apr 5, 2019
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So basically, a couple nights ago I changed my iPhone passcode to an alphanumeric passcode... I have been using my fingerprint and have had no issues. I went to go mess with the settings, and it asked me to enter my passcode and it was WHAT I THOUGHT I changed it to, but it was wrong. I’m currently using my phone. I have access to it, but I need to change that passcode before I get locked out..

Now here’s the thing:
The laptop that I used to originally set up my phone to, has JUST been given to a family member out of state, so I can’t use that. I have not backed up any data, and I have not used iTunes on any computer that I have access to...

What on earth do I do?!

I’m making sure to do no updates, or restarts until I have access to the password because I only have my finger print :(

(I’ve tried the passcode 4 times now. I assumed I typed it incorrectly the first time, and after the 3rd attempt realized I messed up big time... )

Should I plug my phone into a trusted computer and back up to iTunes? Say I do that, and have to wipe my phone, if I go to restore to the back up.. will the passcode carry over and the issue continue? Would it give me 6 tries again?
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Oct 26, 2014
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Welcome to iPhone Forums!

When you plug in your iPhone to a computer and connect it to iTunes, it might ask for the passcode once more, or you just have to trust the computer.
If you‘d have to enter the passcode, you‘d have to erase it anyway, because the Touch ID won‘t work.

The process to remove the passcode from an iDevice is called „recovery mode“. Here are Apple‘s instructions:
If you forgot the passcode for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, or your device is disabled

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