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  1. N

    How is it safe to buy a refurbished iPhone like from Amazon since the data from the previous owner could still be on the device and accessed by you?

    How is it safe to buy a refurbished iPhone like from Amazon since the data from the previous owner could still be on the device and accessed by you or because the previous owner's data could become mixed in with your data or accounts, even if the device is factory reset?
  2. G

    No data plan, Find my iPhone doesn't work.

    Hi I'm an iPhone newbie. A relative has slight dementia. They also have an iPhone 6 with no data plan. We have installed "Find iPhone" in case they get lost but it only seems to work on wifi. Is a data plan necessary? Since my car GPS works without wifi or cell service I thought GPS was...
  3. B

    HELP! Almost locked out of iPhone, need to reset passcode.

    So basically, a couple nights ago I changed my iPhone passcode to an alphanumeric passcode... I have been using my fingerprint and have had no issues. I went to go mess with the settings, and it asked me to enter my passcode and it was WHAT I THOUGHT I changed it to, but it was wrong. I’m...
  4. X

    iPhone X Data Breach?

    Hello. I'm new here. Joined to specifically ask this question to seek direction from you more knowledgeable Apple lovers. For Xmas, got the iPhone X. Love it. But six months later, June, one night it just went black. Would not take a charge, would not reboot etc... Apple Store simply gave me a...
  5. Maura

    Apple Joins Coalition to Oppose Device Backdoors

    MacRumors reports today on a new statement that was just issued by the Reform Government Surveillance Coalition, which includes Apple, along with some of the other biggest tech companies in the world, including Google, Microsoft, Dropbox, Snap, Evernote, LinkedIn, Oath, and Facebook. The...
  6. P

    Data not working

    So I have no idea what to do or where to turn about this issue. I have an iPhone 6s Plus with iOS 11.2.5. It was manufactured for AT&T, but it's been unlocked and I have Straight Talk service. For about a month, everything was fine. It worked perfectly. However, this month, it went from...
  7. M

    System Services Using all my data

    All of a sudden I keep going over my data and I checked to see what's using data and System Services has used 1 GB of data and I'm only halfway through my billing cycle! Documents & Sync is responsible for most of the data use, what is this and how do I stop it from draining all my data?!
  8. E

    Considering giving up unlimited data plan.. advice requested!

    Hi everyone. I had a brilliant (or stupid) idea and I was really hoping to get some feedback on it from the geniuses from this site. Here's my situation: Right now I'm on an old family plan consisting of 2 iPhone 5s' and 2 basic phones. Only 1 iPhone 5s has unlimited data and we hardly use any...