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    unlock i phone 12 locked to owner

    Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to unlock an iPhone 12 locked to owner? My Girlfriends father passed away and there was a phone in his pocket, It is locked to owner and we have no way of finding the owner. or have a receipt. Is there a way to contact the owner or unlock it it any way...
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    HELP! Almost locked out of iPhone, need to reset passcode.

    So basically, a couple nights ago I changed my iPhone passcode to an alphanumeric passcode... I have been using my fingerprint and have had no issues. I went to go mess with the settings, and it asked me to enter my passcode and it was WHAT I THOUGHT I changed it to, but it was wrong. I’m...
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    Is it possible to use locked Iphone with app, camera & wifi?

    I use Iphone app to take inventory using the camera and barcodes. We use the camera to read the barcode and put in a quantity. At the end of the day the iphone connects to wifi and sends the data to the cloud. We have been using my personal iphone, but I'd like to use a device not connected...