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  • Hello Bro.
    Thank you for your reply on my thread.
    Please I sent a private message for you, Looking for more discussion.
    Sorry for being annoying bro.
    Thank you so much :)
    Well, if i understand you, you are having an iPad device? hum... actually my knowledge is limited to iPhone apps/tweaks. But since both iPhone and iPad are using the same iOS 5.0.1 all can think of if whatspad doesn't display when it really should have an icon on your home screen is that it might not be compatible with this newer version of the iOS. Please read the description of whatspad in cydia and make sure that the dev of that app specify that it can work on iOS 5.0.1
    I've use wifi booster on my iPhone in the past, but that was a tweak which did not have any icon anywhere to be found on the device, just a tweak which seat into the system and change some of the system files. Again i'm not sure if we are talking about the same app since you seem to be having an iPad and also, you should make sure that the wifi booster app in cydia is compatible with your iOS 5.0.1
    Hey guys, can you help me. I just jailbroken my ipad2 ios 5.0.1 two days ago. On the first day i install a few thing on
    Cydia an it work fine after a few days i try to install an app it can install the app but the app do not show up on the
    Homescreen or the other page and the setting.i also try to reinstall the app but it still not working. Where is the app go and how to make it show on the homescreen? Please reply my message. I realy need an answer.

    The app is
    2)wifi booster

    And a few app more
    hey babs can you help...Im trying to ssh into my phone and put this ringtone but I cant find the folder to put it in and my ringtones that I made and that were already on my phone disappeared
    hey bab can you help with adding my own avatar. I saved it to the correct dimensions but i keep getting "unable to save file" I spent the last hour trying to do no luck
    hai bab...its me again..thanks for the help u gave for restoring deleted sms...just want to ask u personnel...

    right click iphone icon - backup - and then i restore back the data...the problem is it only show some of the text msg..and the current text msg gone...also my current photo that i snap before retore data...after restore it said the data will appeared in itunes windows but nothin, im not yet register my i have to do this first? thanks bab
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