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    HELP! Almost locked out of iPhone, need to reset passcode.

    So basically, a couple nights ago I changed my iPhone passcode to an alphanumeric passcode... I have been using my fingerprint and have had no issues. I went to go mess with the settings, and it asked me to enter my passcode and it was WHAT I THOUGHT I changed it to, but it was wrong. I’m...
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    No able get on Wifi network

    My wife has an iphone 6s plus. We have a community gym with open Wi-Fi. However there is a pass code gate i.e. you have to login every time by entering the pass code in the browser. I’m an android guy through and through. I have absolutely no issue getting on the gym Wi-Fi. As soon as my phone...
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    Need photos off broken iphone!!! Help????

    Long story story short my ex smashed up my iphone with all the photos of my daughter on. The phone is in 2 pieces. My photos are backed up on icloud (i think) but dont have access to a computer yet. Also my iphone had a password on, will this stop me from accessing the photos as i cant type it...
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    Help needed.

    Hi, all I am a new ''IPhoneforums'' member. So My friend today gave me his old unused iPhone 4. Also there is problems with it been a broken on the backside case and the power button is broken. Also is it passcode protected which sadly enough He doesn't remember the passcode. I don't have a...