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Oct 22, 2015
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Hi, all I am a new ''IPhoneforums'' member.

So My friend today gave me his old unused iPhone 4.

Also there is problems with it been a broken on the backside case and the power button is broken.

Also is it passcode protected which sadly enough He doesn't remember the passcode.

I don't have a restore file for the iPhone no nothing at all and because the iPhone has a broken power button I cannot enter DFU mode.

I have jailbroken My own Ipods before but I have never had a iPhone so I am not sure upon how to get rid of the passcode to use it.

Any help will be awesome and much appreciated.
If he can prove to Apple that he is the authorized owner/purchaser, they will help him deal with the password issue but I am not sure how much functioning you can get without replacing the broken home button.