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Help! iPhone 3G downgrading baseband with broken power button


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Jul 6, 2013
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My phone is an iPhone 3G with 6.15.00 baseband.
The power button is broken, so please do not give me dfu instructions.
I know that I can go to DFU mode with the newest version of redsn0w.
But when I try to restore from the ipsw file, I get error 1015, since I have the iPad baseband.
I try to kick it out of restore mode with TinyUmbrella, but it brings me to the activation screen.
I need to downgrade the baseband to update to 4.2.1, but I can't.
Can you guys please help?
Create a DFU IPSW follow this. Open up iTunes with the device connected, select the ENTER_DFU IPSW that you created and give it a few minutes. From my experience, even though you're on the iPad Baseband, the DFU IPSW should not have the dependency of your baseband. Once you're in DFU mode, open up RedSn0w, select the 4.2.1 IPSW or current iOS IPSW on your device, click on Jailbreak, the DFU step will be skipped as your device is currently in DFU mode and you can proceed to downgrade your iPad Baseband.
I did all that and I open up redsn0w.
Then I get the wtf mode, which can't really do anything. Please help.