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    Unable to receive or make calls on iPhone X

    Hello. During the past month I’ve been having the following issue with my iPhone X: I am unable to make calls (the service drops to zero after I place the call) or to receive calls (whenever I am called, the service also drops to zero, and stays like that for a few seconds; the person calling me...
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    no service while next to active wifi

    after struggling with this i finally found a workaround. I would look and see it was on wifi, later I would see that it had changed to "no service". Callers would tell me that it is going to voicemail after 2 rings. The caller id would not show up on my recents. If they did not leave a...
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    Successfully bypassed icloud on ios 7.1.2 but no service

    i bypassed icloud on iphone 4 bcz from whome i purchased this iphone is no longer in contact that i can get his icloud id pass so i decided to bypass it and i was successful i set up it as A New Iphone Then signed into icloud with my new id pass everything was ok but when i inserted my sim card...
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    iPhone 4 - Took SIM card out and then placed it back inside, now I can't get service

    I took it out just to show a curious friend how to do it, and placed it back just as it was. It wasn't out for more than a few seconds, but since then I have "No Service" at the top left corner even though other members of my household (with the same plan) are doing just fine. Please help ASAP...