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no service while next to active wifi

Jim Waltman

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Apr 28, 2020
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after struggling with this i finally found a workaround. I would look and see it was on wifi, later I would see that it had changed to "no service". Callers would tell me that it is going to voicemail after 2 rings. The caller id would not show up on my recents. If they did not leave a voicemail, I did not know they called. Frustrating for both of us. I changed the interval "auto lock" under "display and brightness" under "settings" ... to "never". Since this requires more battery, I keep my charger plugged in all of the time.
Havent missed a call since then. Tried support many times
The no service indicator means that you have no cellular connection and should have nothing to do with your WiFi connection.
when i have "no service" anyone that calls it goes immediately to voice mail, does not show up on the recents list and if they dont leave a voicemail, i dont know they called. You are right about the wifi because i can still get to the inet. I have a problem with missed calls. May ed macmahon about my million dollar check
Have you tried opening the SIM card tray and re seating the SIM card? If that doesn’t work, try a replacement SIM card.