sim card

  1. T

    iPhone 11 doesn’t find network

    All of the sudden, while traveling abroad, my iPhone 11 stopped picking up network(cellular) from the sim-card. This goes for both the local sim-card I’m using in Colombia and also my “home” sim-card I’m using back home in Norway. The SIM-cards are working in other phones/devices. It says under...
  2. G

    Can’t receive calls

    Hi, I’ve recently changed my service provider, and after inserting the new sim into my iphone, I am out of reach! Yet, I can make calls and use Internet perfectly fine over LTE. When i try the new sim in another phone (android) it works fine. I have an unlocked iPhone 11, ios 14 (the latest...
  3. ralphdn

    iPhone 5 SIM locked, can't unlock

    Desperate problem: My SIM card in my iPhone5 is locked and I can't unlock it. The unlock screen is never shown... I see: Locked SIM (in the upper left corner), or No SIM (if I remove the SIM) and the centered text display iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes on one of my two iPhone 5 devices...
  4. D

    Unlocking iPhone 8 Plus with DoctorSim UMS

    So I paid for my phone to be unlocked by doctorsim. So far theyve been very responsive and helpful. They've indicated that the 8 plus cannot be unlocked via IMEI, so they sent me UMS (unlock my sim) sticker thing for free. It came in the mail, its like a small piece of thin plastic with some...
  5. N

    iPhone 5S can't get through activation due to faulty sim card reader

    I have an iPhone 5S with a faulty sim card reader (thanks to a spilled cup of tea). I've tried other working sim cards in it and it still reads No Sim. Other than the faulty sim reader, the phone is fully functional via wifi. (Well, I should say "was" fully-functional.) I did a full reset of...
  6. P

    iPhone 4 - Took SIM card out and then placed it back inside, now I can't get service

    I took it out just to show a curious friend how to do it, and placed it back just as it was. It wasn't out for more than a few seconds, but since then I have "No Service" at the top left corner even though other members of my household (with the same plan) are doing just fine. Please help ASAP...