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iPhone 11 doesn’t find network


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Oct 12, 2022
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All of the sudden, while traveling abroad, my iPhone 11 stopped picking up network(cellular) from the sim-card. This goes for both the local sim-card I’m using in Colombia and also my “home” sim-card I’m using back home in Norway. The SIM-cards are working in other phones/devices.

It says under Settings -> General -> About - physical/primary SIM card - network not available -> Phone not allowed
I have googled the issue and tried several solutions found online without any help. Therefore I want to ask in this forum if there is anyone who can come up with any other solutions.

My phone is about two years old and have never been locked to any specific operator and I have had different sim-cards in it over that time. My current operator also confirms this.

I have checked the device IMEI and it says it’s not blocked/black listed.

I have reset the iPhone, both from backup and from factory settings.

Is there any other solutions out there I could try? All help appreciated😊


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