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  1. P

    Unable to receive or make calls on iPhone X

    Hello. During the past month I’ve been having the following issue with my iPhone X: I am unable to make calls (the service drops to zero after I place the call) or to receive calls (whenever I am called, the service also drops to zero, and stays like that for a few seconds; the person calling me...
  2. T

    iPhone 11 doesn’t find network

    All of the sudden, while traveling abroad, my iPhone 11 stopped picking up network(cellular) from the sim-card. This goes for both the local sim-card I’m using in Colombia and also my “home” sim-card I’m using back home in Norway. The SIM-cards are working in other phones/devices. It says under...
  3. Maura

    Apple Launches Apple Watch Series 3 at iPhone X Event

    Apple announced several other new products yesterday at the iPhone launch event at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park in Cupertino, including the much-rumoured Apple Watch Series 3. Just as has been reported over the past few weeks, the latest edition to the Apple Watch line-up has built-in...