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May 21, 2016
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I have the last Update on my iPhone 4 phone = 7.1.2 (11D257)

I have an appointment in my calendar that it won't let me delete or edit it - and now when I go into the calendar to add appts., I can't exit from the program without having to shut it down. I can do work on the calendar, it just won't let me exit.

Also, the text messenger will not let me exit once I go into it. I can work within the message program, but can't exit without shutting it down.
Welcome to iPhone Forums, soozen!

If an app misbehaves, deleting and reinstalling it would be recommended. Since the apps you're using are built in apps, they can't be removed from the iPhone. So here are two suggestions you could try:

Restart your iPhone. Maybe this will solve your problem. To restart, turn off your device, and then on again.

Force starting is another option: Press and hold Home and Power button until you see the Apple logo. As soon as it's visible, let go of both buttons. Your iPhone will power up on it's own.

Did you update your iPhone over the air (on the iPhone, in Settings - General - Software Update), or via iTunes? If you chose the first option, connect your device to iTunes on a computer, and restore it. Make sure there's a most recent backup, before restoring it.