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Calendar problem getting Iphone calendar to Ical


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Jul 28, 2012
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Gulf Breeze, FL
My main calendar on my iphone is for some reason listed under an old work email address that I don't have anymore. When I delete that email account under settings, all of my calendar data disappears. I finally figured out that I could restore to a previous backup of my iphone to get my calendar information back, but I can't figure out how to save in on my computer now so I won't lose it again when I delete the email account off of my phone. I tried to sync it to ical but when I enter that old email address that it's associated with, I don't have a password or access to that email account anymore. I feel so stupid that the information is on my iphone but I can't get it to save to my computer. I saw somebody said to go to ITunes, then Info, then check "sync with ical" but there is no "sync with ical" listed under info in my itunes. I have a current itunes version so I don't know what the problem is. Thanks so much for any help. I've searched for hours and can't figure this out and I feel like a complete idiot about now.

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