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Nov 12, 2020
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Hello all! I have a bit of a mystery/ question on my hands. I recently purchased an iPhone 4S which was produced in Brazil (Model number MD241BR/A) and was wondering if anyone here had any information on brazilian made iPhones. From what I understand, they weren't made for too long (Had to have been less than a month) and there weren't many sold, (I'm ESTIMATING less than 20,000, but I am probably wrong) so there isn't much info on the internet about the phone. I would appreciate any info and am wondering the value of such phone (Has original box, manuals, power adapter, APPLE STICKERS, Anatel certificate, and custom box stickers in Portuguese). I THINK that this is the right spot for this post (as I need help) but if not I can move this to the iPhone 4S section. I have attached image of the front and back (see the screen damage at the top and in the middle. Thanks!

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