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    can u help me out my iphone is in recovery mode and i cant restore it nor can i get out of it.. i wanted to update my iphone to 5.0.1 as the untethered jailbreak was released today,it even was installing it , till suddenly my itunes did not respond.the installation was interupted and i switched it off and then on, since then i cant get out of the recovery mode. tried alot of things but wont restoring it to 5.0.1 but get errors like 1600. plz help me
    Thanks for picking up the slack while i was down. My router took a poop and i just got it in today....whoohoo
    Hello Unleashed, i need a little help if you can, i have a piricy note stuck on my home screen for a tweak i didnt even dl. How can i get this off? Im not able to do anything
    them vivid glow cases look very nice also... you have a lot of items worth buying, a case for each day of the week lol
    sure i could make some youtube videos, i like some of those colour skins for the iphone 4 the one on the front page the purple and green one. looks good
    Hello, would you like to review some of our products on the forum? I would be happy to send you anything you would like.


    Custom skins, wraps and cases for iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices
    Your welcome. Prac 3 should be up soon. That the qualifying started now so im off to watch it. One of the rare chances I get to watch it live!
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