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What is a really good GPS App for the iPhone 4?


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Jul 7, 2010
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In the middle of a farm field
Once my phones show up I am planning on getting a GPS App for it that is better than Google maps or what ever is stock.

I live in Iowa and am in Chicago, IL. Indiana, and MO quite a bit. Any ideas guys and gals?
There are several choices...Tomtom,Magellen,Navigon,AT&T navigator,CoPilot. Anybody use any of these? I have wanted to get TomTom but refuse to pay the $50 :)
I know my brother-in-law got one of them and he said it was AWESOME. But I can't remember which one it was, the only downfall is you have to actually download the maps to your phone which is like a 1GB file per section of the US.
I really like Mobile Maps by Sygic. Have used it successfully for well over a year now. Voice turn by turn directions, different views, favorites, etc
get a free App called WAZE it's interactive turn-by-turn with traffic report , police traps ... really cool
other than that i like Navigon
What about GPS drive? It has great reviews but it is only .99. There has to be a catch.
Check out Navigon. They have versions available that have maps for regions instead of the entire USA. For someone like me that only stays within the southeast, the Southeast Navigon version for $19.99 was a great choice.
waze is good but it does not find specific places very well. for instance when i type my address XX milton road it finds milton road not the number and then tries to direct me to the other side of milton road..
My DH has the TomTom app. on her 3S (updated). We used it this past weekend driving through central Oregon and western Washington. When the reception was good, it was great, but unfortunately reception was spotty several times and then it was useless. I recommend if you do much traveling, the old fashioned GPS is best.