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Upgrading Error 1013


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Sep 19, 2010
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I had my iPhone jailbroken the past few weeks, but as of lately I have noticed it was lagging really bad, so I decided to restore and upgrade to the latest firmware and just wait patiently for the untethered Windows Jailbreak.

I removed the code in the host file and performed the restore, which I have done before and had no problems, however now I am getting an Unable to Restore 1013 error. I googled the error and it seems to cause problems for iPhone users who plan to unlock their phone. I am on AT&T, so I have no need for it to be unlocked.

Can someone help me out? Is there another code I should be removing or something?
Well I decided that since I wasn't planning on jailbreaking on 4.1, I would just update instead of restoring and then updating. It gave me no error this time. I feel like such a goof LOL