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  • hi sir i need some help.. maybe you can help me.. please just read my pm to you.. thanks in advance
    hey i have a jailbroken iphone4s and i forgot my passcode and i really need your help can you please assist me
    You helped me in the past. When you have time, could you help me with my new old iphone 4 ios 4.0 bb 01.59.00 that won't boot up completely. It shows the apple logo forever.
    Thank you, man.
    Please bro.
    I sent you a PM.
    Reply briefly because I don't understand.
    And I want to know what to do after installing the iPad Baseband ?
    Hi Jmills87
    I am from indonesian. When i was searching for unlock iphone I found ur site :D
    i wanna ask.
    is there possible to unlock iphone 4 with ios 4.3.3 and 04.11.08 modem firmware?
    Please teach me step by step :)
    cz i'm new to this thing/
    Just wondering, what is dreamboard? I hear a lot about it,
    But dont know what it is. Ihave a un jailbroken 3gs(waiting for un-teathered)
    Running ios5.0. Drop me an email with some more info if you would. Sorry if
    This is any incovience.
    Thank you for your time,
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