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Failed jailbreak


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Oct 10, 2010
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So I tried jailbreaking my phone with greenpoison, and as I was following the steps of putting it into DFU mode, my phone wouldn't turn on after many tries! I then plugged in my phone again and iTunes said it needs to be restored. Ok, I press restore and then an error message pops out saying it can't be restored! Luckily through tiny umbrella I recovered all my settings and memory. Does anybody know what happened, or has this happened to anyone else?
I would just use limara1n.... I've had no issues so far & it's the same exploit.
yeap, no difference, just limera1n supports more firmwares and devices

So have you jailbroke yet ? Or are you staying out of the game for good this time ?

nope i dont think i will either. jailbreak makes the iphone amazing but i just cba to do it each new firmware update and sit there re download all the apps and making the phone the way i like it, its too much hassle for me because i always have so many jb apps, maybe in the future i might decide to but for now not :)