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Restore (remove jailbreak) without updating error 1604


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Apr 29, 2013
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Hi guys, I followed the instructions in this guide (http://www.iphoneforums.net/forum/iphone-jailbreaking-17/restore-without-updating-35659/) in order to remove the jailbreak off of my 5.0.1 iPhone 4. When it came time to save the SHSH blobs using Tiny Umbrella, it didn't save any 5.0.1 blobs; rather, the earliest firmware blob it saved was 5.1. So, I went ahead and split that blob with the 5.1 firmware using redsn0w. I then followed the instructions to enter the "pwned DFU mode" so that I can restore my phone through iTunes, and when it got to the part where it authorizes the firmware, it stops and gives me an error message that reads: "The iPhone "iPhone" could not be restored. An unknown error occured (1604)."

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.
If you're going to use Pwned DFU mode with iTunes, you'll most likely need TU's TSS server.

Just use RedSn0w's restore feature. RedSn0w > Extras > Even More > Restore. Select IPSW and point it to the iOS 5.1 IPSW. Then for blobs, select remote and it'll stitch and upgrade. Once your restore is done, you'll need to use a Recovery Fix on it to get it out of Recovery Mode. 1 time go, no iTunes required.
It's not letting me get out of recovery mode though. I can't turn the phone off or restart it. Since I'm not actually restoring to a previous firmware, but instead going from 5.0.1 to 5.1, can I just choose to restore to the 5.1 firmware file without the blob?
Oh, so that says that blobs are still manditory. But, my phone can't get out of recovery mode and I don't know what are my choices. Why do I keep getting that error and how can I fix it and restore using the blob+firmware that I have?

Thanks again helping..
Plug your device into your PC, put it into DFU mode. Go to RedSn0w > Extras > Even More > Select IPSW > Choose the iOS 5.1 IPSW that matches your 4's model > Remote. It'll stitch the IPSW and restore at the same time. Since you're in DFU mode already it'll go ahead and put your device into Pwned DFU and continue to restore.