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  • hi sir i need some help.. maybe you can help me.. please just read my pm to you.. thanks in advance
    hi...i just recently upgraded my iphone 4 frmware from 4.3.5 to ios 5 and the baseband has changed from 4.10.01 to 4.11.08 which is not supported by gevey sim..i read ur article and my question is this..im oon ios 5 now and everytime i got to cydia, at the top i can see shsh 4.3.5 but down the buttom its sayng ios 5..i downloaded the ishshit from cydia. im trying to back up the firmware 4.3.5 but its saying"the requested firmware is no longer available for signing" can i still restore my firmware fro 5.0 down to 4.3.5 so that the baseband will be back to 4.10.01 because i dont have a signal..please help me saving my iphone..thanks..this is my email: john_nekromancer@yahoo.com
    re paradigma na se rotiso kati, ekeino to applcation "appsync" giati to theleis ama den exei sxesei me cracked apps?English translation Why do you need to install that app if you are not stealing apps? to install legal/legit apps yo have purchased from the app store you would have no problems using just itunes, also make sure you have authorised your computer because if you did not authorise the computer then itunes will not let you sync them applications but I am still wondering why you where trying to download that application that you posted the screen shot of it if you do not download cracked apps?
    i didn't need help on no piracy i just want to be able to sync my legally bought apps on my phone i don't have any cracked app on my iphone only paid i can't install those on my phone and from what i know jailbreaking is legall as long as to not download apps without paying what's so pirate about that???? i can't update, ican't install my own apps, and can't install anything, even themes if you don't wanna help so don't, but i never downloaded even 1 cracked file in my life
    I still have battery, and it only shows the apple logo. if i hold down the both buttons, it turns off.
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