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Apple is Sending Out an iOS 5.0.1 Update to Limited Users Over Battery Issues

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Jul 27, 2011
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Apparently, there are a small number of iOS 5 users that have had battery life issues. Apple has been diligently working to address the issue, and is seeding their iOS 5.0.1 update to these users and a small sampling of testers. This update also brings some Siri improvements for Australian users, multitasking gestures to the first generation iPad, and a few other bug fixes. Right now, users that go into an Apple store to complain about the issue have been directed to wait a few weeks for this software update. Above is a snippet from a support email, and below is an internal Apple memo.


Share in the forums if you are one of the users getting this update.

Source: AppleForums.net via 9to5Mac
I just got the invite today for this, not sure how but im happy.
Hopefully it will fix those devices that have battery problems but I dont think it is likely that a firmware update will do it, like every other device that has said to have battery problems from the 3G even that apple promised would be fixed by firmware updates and never where
I've just downloaded it through the update section on your phone.

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I got the error too but downloaded fine second time rebooted and running fine.
I just received an alert (banner) on my phone for the update. I have the iPhone 4 with IOS5.
Download took about 5 minutes and went smoothly. Will see if it corrects my email push issues.
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