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Apple Rolls Out iOS 8.1.3 with Bug Fixes & Storage Size Requirement Reduction for Updates


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Jul 27, 2011
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Apple mobile device owners may be pleased to see a new update rolling out to their devices sometime soon starting today. Apple just started pushing out a new OTA update of iOS which is version 8.1.3. The update is relatively minor, but for those affected by the minor bugs, it should be appreciated.

Here's a quick breakdown of what is fixed or added:
  • Fixed an issue which prevented some users from entering their Apple ID passwords for Messages and FaceTime
  • Fixed a bug that caused Spotlight to stop displaying app results
  • Fixed a problem that prevented multitasking gestures from working on the iPad
  • Reduces the amount of storage space required to perform an iOS update
  • Adds new configuration options for education standardized testing.
This update was small enough from Apple's perspective that it was not seeded to developers before being released to the public. The only thing which is obviously missing from this update is that it does not address the recently discovered "GMT bug." This problem causes calendar syncing issues and time zone confusion for some iOS users.

Of course, Apple is currently working on a fix for that issue and it should show up in the next update. We will keep you posted, so stay tuned!
Thanks for the news. Should I update ? I am afraid since 8.1.2. had a problem and I stayed with 8.1 when I first purchased iPhone 6+.
Give it a few days then, and then Google IOS 8.1.3 problems and see what people are reporting.
One important thing about this update is that it patches the exploits used by the current iOS 8 Jailbreaks.
I've downloaded it to 3 iPhones and 4 iPads so far with no problems at all.
I am aware of jailbreak issues and I do not care about it. Great, are those for iPhone 6 or iPhone plus ?

I read the report of some had an issues with varies iPhone for 8.1.2 which have a problem with it and some do not have a problem with it so that's why I skipped it.
Updated with no issues.
Updated ok, Ipad OTA, and Iphone with iTunes, and there are no issues. Battery on Iphone seems the same with 8.1.2

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