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Where do you live?


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Jun 26, 2010
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Chicago, IL
Since majority here are current AT&T customers or soon to be(myself), where do you live and how good is your service?

I currently reside in Chicago and AT&T is terrible from what I've heard and seen.
I live in the middle of nowhere Missouri and no company has 3G here, but I've never had any problems with my AT&T edge service and have had it for years. Never a dropped call!
North Austin, Texas - Coverage is real good.
Lubbock , TX 3G everywhere...... very rarely do i drop a call...never on my iPhone 4.
I work in Orlando and live about thirty miles away. I am guaranteed to lose my signal twice in the ride home. I cannot get a signal at my house so I will be rewarding AT&T by purchasing the 3G microcell.
Reporting live from the capital of Texas and Longhorn Country - Austin!
Well I am a bit further south in Brisbane Australia land of kangaroos
18 hours ahead of west coast USA

We have excellent 3G here but no iPhone 4 until late July / august
Birmingham, Al here. Have excellent AT&T service at home but NO service sitting at my desk, 500 yards from an AT&T sales office!!! In all fairness, I think it is all these cubicle walls!!! We have all kinds of WiFi here too but it is unavailable to anyone NOT doing office work stuffs!!! (anyone logging on to personal devices). Oh well, the i4P and iPad work great at home, that's what matters most.

there is a Birmingham in the us also? i thought you meant uk when i first started to read until is aw atee and tee lol