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Ringtones for iphone 4


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Jul 8, 2010
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Hi. I want to download a few ringtones for my new iPhone. I really want the REAL music ones like a clip of Sweet Child of Mine by Guns n Roses, etc. Any website recommendations?

here you go: hxxp://audiko.net/

download them to your pc/mac and sync with itunes.
got night rider right now but i have at least 15-20 just waighting to get used.
i have the same question ..since I download a iphone ringtone maker from http://www.makeiphoneringtones.net/ ,I can custom my favorite ringtone for my iphone.up to now,that works well,not broken.
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For quick and easy ringtone downloads go here I think thats how the URL is, but if that link doesn't work theres a website known as zedge just google it

EDIT: It works ^-^
lots of ways, the one i go with is right click any mp3 in itunes convert to aac i think it is in itunes then rename to .m4r i think the extension is
If you are on a Mac, Ambrosia Software sells a program called iToner for $15 that you can make any audio clip into an mp3.
It's awesome. Quick and easy!

If you're on PC... sorry.. it's not compatible.