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Restoring iPhone 4, Just completly bugged out


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Apr 15, 2013
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Hi i am fixing a mate's iPhone 4 for him as i normally am able to fix most iPhone,iPod,iPad problems including replacing hardware (screens,flex cables ie buttons)

When the phone is powered on it says the usual "Phone is disabled Connect To Itunes" or i can choose to make an SOS call. i plug the phone into itunes lol and my computer reconizes it but itunes doesn't. Yep okay lets try Recovery Mode......... itunes downloaded the upgraded IPSW (iPhone3,1_7.1.2_11D257_Restore)
it starts to restore blah blah then itunes says waiting for device. the loading bar on the iphone will sit there for about 15 minutes without even 1% loaded. it will then reset itself and give me the Error 3194 or 4013 okay then lets try DFU mode..... exact same effect except i get error 12

i have tryed using PWND DFU mode (redsn0w tool)
Even 3 different cables and i can assure you it's not the cable. i have updated itunes changed my hosts file to apple.suport's liking and removed all of apple servers off it and same effect each time

how can i fix this