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Icons not getting themed. "Icons" folder method.


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Nov 25, 2010
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Been getting a lot of questions regarding icons not getting themed. As of right now I don't know what the new file names are yet. But this is a method I use.

I made a video to help you theme any icons you want. It's called the "Icons" folder method. It can be applied to any theme making it easier to change icons. But it doesn't carry over when you switch theme. You would have to do this to all the themes you use to make it work. It also requires Summerboard to be turned on in Winterboard.

Using iFunbox, OpenSHH like WinSCP, or iFile, any one that you are comfortable using.

1. Navigate to var/stash/themes/...the name of your theme...

2. We want to create a folder here called Icons. Hit edit (top right corner) Then look at the bottom left for the + sign. Press that and a new folder will pop up. Name that file Icons. Hit create.

3. Put the images you want in that folder. But important....it has to already be themed with the correct theme's overlay style. So basically it already has to be themed. You can find your icons in the "bundles" folder or the "Folders" file.

4. When you want to move the icon to the the new Icons folder. Find the icon you want. Hit "edit" Click on the bubble on the left side column. You will see a clipboard appear on the bottom right corner. I want you to press that and hit Copy/Link. Then press done.

5. Go back into the new "Icons" folder. Press "Edit" clipboard and paste. You should see the new icon there. Repeat it to apply another copy of the icons. You want 2 copies.

6. To rename that file click on the arrow on the right column. A new page will appear showing the file's name. When renaming the icon rename it to as it appears on your Springboard. Like in the video I'm doing the Maps. So I renamed the file Maps.png. The second one should be name Maps@2x.png

7. Go into Winterboard and turn on Summerboard and respring from Winterboard. Your icons should now be themed. You can do this all icons on your springboard. Just make sure they are named the same as it appears on the phone.

Follow the video and it should work for you. I hope this helps and can be another way of learning how to use iFile to theme icons or anything else.

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