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[Dreamboard] My hybrid theme - Snow Leopard 4 Ultimatum EXTENDED :)


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Jan 19, 2011
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Original theme thread/donation link can be found here (I am not the author of the original theme).

I HIGHLY recommend donating, as this is one hell of a theme. :)

I LOVED this theme, but it wasn't QUITE what I was looking for. No possible way for a developer to satisfy everyone. So I had to mod it a bit.

Changes to the original theme:

- Replaced the "Messages" (which is really the Finder) icon in the dock with a small photo of my wife and I and modded it to open photos instead of Messages (I use Activator to open the Messages app)

- Replaced the "Mail" dock icon with a Bulova watch and modded it to open my clock/alarm

- Within the Expose app, I replaced the Youtube link with the IMDb app (and changed the icon to be a screenshot of IMDb with my favorite movie pulled up), the Weather app with Facebook, and iCal with Calendars app

- Renamed every link within the parent menus and re-linked them to the apps that I prefer (for example, I have no interest in linking to Settings because I use Activator for that, I don't use quicklock or Winterboard, etc)

- Changed the dummy Spotlight icon into a usable button that opens Google Mobile search app

- Changed the background in the "All Apps" section (under the Macintosh HD icon) from 100% white opacity to 35% opacity so you can see your wallpaper behind the apps.

Video is here:


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